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Ann Oren is an artist and a filmmaker. Her films and video installations feature characters existing in the liminal space between performers and audience. By dissolving distinctions between plant, animal and human, she asks what it is to be human in an ecosystem immersed in digital culture. Questions about intimacy and identity keep emerging through various audio-visual approaches, while exploring gender, fictosexuality, animality, interspecies and other hybrid conditions. Employing a visceral language, she leads the spectator to ultimately engage in critical thinking.


Her work’s institutional presentations include The Moscow Biennial for Young Art, The Hammer Museum, The Tel-Aviv Museum, Apexart, Künstlerhaus Bethanien and Kindl - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst.
After moving to Berlin in 2015, her artistic focus expanded to cinema. She directed PASSAGE in 2020, which premiered in Oberhausen Short Film Festival, and won many awards including Best Experimental Short at Slamdance. Her first narrative feature film PIAFFE premiered in the Locarno Film Festival’s International Competition and was presented in dozens of festivals including San Sebastián and BFI London. It won numerous awards including the Junior Jury Awards at the Locarno Film Festival and the Silver Hugo Award at the Chicago International Film Festival.


Born in Tel-Aviv (1979), Ann studied Film (BA) and Fine Arts (MA) at The School of Visual Arts, NY. She lives/works in Berlin and currently develops her next feature film project.

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International screener requests for Piaffe, contact Rediance Film Sales: here

German screener requests for Piaffe, contact Salzgeber: here
Studio contact: here



PIAFFE wins the Prix du Jury

Gérardmer Film Festival

PIAFFE review Le Monde, Jacques Mandelbaum,  30.01.23

"... a debut feature film of radical strangeness and stunning beauty (it received the Jury Prize).... Icy and sizzling, fetishistic and pansexual, open to all transidentites as well as to all possibilities, this extravagant and wild fable, as if drawn from the entrails of Lautréamont's Maldoror, seduces to the highest degree."

PIAFFE interview Senses of Cinema, Maria Giovanna Vagenas,  January 2023

"With a wildly imaginative and perfectly controlled mise en scène, Oren creates a unique, mesmerising setting that excites our minds and frees our senses... Piaffe‘s hypnotic journey immerses us in an intimacy made up of vital lymph and sexual impulses, where plants, animals, and humans mysteriously reconnect with one another to celebrate life, offering us one of the greatest cinematic experiences in a long time."

PIAFFE interview Merci l'audace, Chloé Blanckaert January 2023

PIAFFE review Trois couleurs, Léa André-Sarreau, 26.01.23

PIAFFE Interview (french)

Débordements, Johanna Pataud & Thomas Bingham

"Oren déploie un magnifique ballet où les rapports de force dansent comme des champs de force magnétiques, entre attractions et répulsions, où ce duetto évolue dans un tema con variazione autour de cette allure de dressage. Un somptueux répertoire de nos Piaffe quotidiens."

PIAFFE wins the Best Film Award from the Junior Jury

Márgenes International Film Festival, Madrid.

PIAFFE wins the Spirit of the Festival Award,

Cork International Film Festival

This award celebrates new and daring voices in contemporary fiction cinema from European first and second time directors. The jury statement “Ann Oren’s Piaffe, a daring, kinky exploration of blossoming female sexuality, was an obvious candidate. Composed of indelible images, impeccable sound design, and erotic charge – as spearheaded by Simone Bucio’s quietly carnal central performance – Piaffe marks an extraordinary debut. We simply cannot wait to see what Oren does next.

PASSAGE wins Saigon Experimental Film Festival International Jury Award

PASSAGE wins the MAYA Award,

(named after Maya Deren and in honor of her legacy)

International Portrait Film Festival, Bulgaria

PIAFFE wins the Silver Hugo Award at the New Director's Competition,

Chicago International Film Festival

PIAFFE review Another Gaze, Laura Staab, 15.10.2022

"While the erotics, fragility and tactility of the film recall a cinéma du corps or a cinema of extremity, Oren – who appropriated an image of Isabelle Huppert’s eye from Michael Haneke’s The Piano Teacher for her first video installation, ‘An Eye for an Eye’ (2010) – explores contagion through more oblique methods of montage and association."

PIAFFE review We Love Cinema, Piaffe – a greatly seductive, bona fide cinematic pleasure, Xuanlin Tham, 14.10.2022

"Ann Oren's sexy and imaginative debut feature is a delightful, sensual tale about surrendering to artistic and bodily instincts"

PIAFFE review Screen Anarchy, Shelagh Rowan-Legg, 12.10.2022

"Piaffe circles strange and erotic territory, not often found in those stories of humans become other - this human wants what her new animal part gives her, and she unfurls like the ferns her love studies, but that want might be dangerous. Oren crafts a slightly off-setting but haunting tale of a girl and the creature (human or otherwise) she wishes to become."

PIAFFE review I-D Vice, Josh Slater Williams 12.10.2022

PIAFFE review Director’s Notes, James Maitre, Oct 2022

"An intoxicating concoction of freedom, desire and animalistic tendencies, Ann Oren’s feature needs to be seen to be believed... A genuinely startling and surreal debut feature."

PIAFFE  recieves a Special Mention, BIEFF Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival

September, 2022

PIAFFE  wins Best International Feature Film, Calgary International Film Festival

September, 2022

PIAFFE screens at

San Sebastián Film Festival Zabaltegi-Tabakalera

September 16-24

PIAFFE  wins First Prize @ Junior Jury of the International Competition

Locarno Film Festival

August, 2022

PIAFFE review, Clarisse Fabre,  LE MONDE

"In this erotic and sexual neo-Bunuélien "pas de deux"... Ann Oren's Piaffe lit up the final days of the competition, deploying its surrealist material from a part of the cinema craft: foley artistry..."

"Néo-bunuélien, ce « pas de deux » érotique et sexuel... Piaffe, d’Ann Oren, l’un des dix-sept longs-métrages qui concourent pour le Léopard d’or, aura illuminé les derniers jours de la compétition, déployant sa matière surréaliste à partir d’un métier du cinéma : le bruitage."

PIAFFE review, Paul Attard, IN REVIEW ONLINE

"This is about as radical and forward-thinking as contemporary cinema gets."

PIAFFE review, Nicholas Bell,  IONCINEMA

"A fantastical homage to the magical attributes of cinema and the untapped eroticism lurking within our primordial brains, Oren constructs a hypnotic exercise of metamorphic hedonism."

PIAFFE review, Sophie Monks Kaufman, INDIE WIRE

"Piaffe is its own playful and majestic beast."

PIAFFE review, Daniel Kothenschulte,  FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU
"Rarely has one seen such free, undefined eroticism in the cinema. At the same time, it's one of the most beautiful Berlin films, making neglected monuments like the Hufeisensiedlung in the Britz district shine. What a gift: if Maya Deren, the great American avant-garde pioneer, were alive today, she would probably make a film like this."

"Selten hat man im Kino eine so freie, undefinierte Erotik gesehen. Zugleich ist es einer der schönsten Berlin-Filme, der vernachlässigte Denkmäler wie die Hufeisensiedlung im Ortsteil Britz zum Strahlen bringt. Was für ein Geschenk: Wäre Maya Deren, die große amerikanische Avantgarde-Pionierin, heute noch am Leben, dann machte sie wohl einen Film wie diesen."


PIAFFE review, Muriel del Don,  CINEUROPA

"..Ann Oren captures the audience’s imagination by way of an elegant and poetic work which urges us to take a critical look at our relationship with “normality”.

10 Must-See Movies at the 2022 Locarno Film Festival, Sophie Monks Kaufman,  INDIEWIRE

"This is a sexy, queer and questioning gem."


PIAFFE premieres at

Locarno Film Festival

August 11


Bucharest International Dance Film Festival

September 8-11


Festival ephémère Kunst

Lichtspiele-Theater, Olten

August 19+20


on view @ Electronic Language International Festival – FILE

Galeria de Arte do Sesi, São Paulo

July 13th- to August 28th


wins first prize @ Shortwaves Film Festival, Poznań

Dances with camera competition

June, 2022

Jury's statement:

For the compelling disruption of the relation between body, sound and camera. The director well managed to shape an alluring character that strongly connects to the audience. The cinematography discloses with subtlety the texture of the body.


will screen at Hamburg Short Film Festival / DEUTSCHEN WETTBEWERBS 2, 2+3 June 


will screen at Ann Arbor Film Festival March 22-27, 2022

VDB Film distribution

Passage, Blue and The World is Mine and others.


Two person show

Ann Oren & Amy Sarkisian Cindy Rucker Gallery New York January 6, 2021 - February 12, 2022

(in post-production)


a feature film

Produced by Schuldenberg Films

Funded by BKM

PASSAGE receives best video art & experimental award Tirana International Film Festival, 2021

"For the creation of a metamorphic line that passes from the filmmaker to the character, and from the character to cinema itself."


PASSAGE receives the grand jury prize for experimental short, Slamdance Film Festival, 2021

"A stunning cinematic exploration of genre and identity, Passage combines rich 16mm photography with crisp

sound designed to create a sensual and startling viewing experience, immersing you so deeply in its world of foley sounds and gender defying centaurs. The jury were unanimous in their love for Oren’s impressive shots, and proud to name it as the best experimental short of Slamdance 2021."

PASSAGE receives an honorable mention  Onion City Experimental Film & Video Festival

Video introduction to the exhibition Passage Kindl - Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin, 2020

Passage - Interview Le polyester  2020

Passage on Tagesspiegel 2020

The world is mine - TV interview Roim Olam  2018

Hatsune Miku: The hologram star who conquered the world
Ha'aretz 2018

The World is Mine: Orbiting a Virtual Star The arcade project  2018

The world is mine - interview New horizons film festival 2017

The supreme spasm - Pierrot, and our staging of desire
. Lumi Tan, 2016

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