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12 mins, super 16mm film, 2024.

A dreamlike journey, a disintegration into a fluid Human-animal-plant-machine consciousness, Pirouette follows a sound artist who records horse sounds using her own body, while a cellist on the street invades her imaginary. It is the psychedelic conclusion of the horse-foley trilogy: Passage (2020) - Piaffe (2022) - Pirouette (2024).






Written, directed and edited by Ann Oren

Featuring: Simone Bucio, Munsha

Camera: Carlos Vasquez, Ann Oren, Bjørn Melhus

Lights: Francisco Mece

Production Design: Ilaria Di Carlo

Props: Julia Neuenhausen

Costume Design: Anna Philippa Müller

Hair & VFX: Sada Leigh Sherrin

Makeup: Prinz Basil

Music: Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha

Sound Design & Mix: Robert Hefter 

Foley Artist: Jonas Vicent

Color: Steffen Paul

Post Production: Basis Berlin

Funded by FFA filmförderungsanstalt

With the kind support of Basis Berlin and Schuldenberg Films


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