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86 mins, super 16mm film, 2022.

Both a love letter to the less recognized magicians of cinema and a playful celebration of otherness, Piaffe is an opportunity for the viewers to see with their bodies and touch with their eyes.

When her sibling Zara suffers a nervous breakdown, the introvert Eva is forced to take on Zara’s job as a Foley artist. She struggles to create sounds for a commercial featuring a horse, and then a horsetail starts growing out of her body. Empowered by her tail, she lures a botanist into an affair, through a game of submission. Piaffe is a visceral journey into control, gender, and artifice.

Schuldenberg Films   

International Sales: Rediance


Simone Bucio * Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau * Sebastian Rudolph * Bjørn Melhus
* Lea Draeger * Josef Ostendorf * Hannah Müller * Ruth Rosenfeld * Catherine Mayer * Kristof Gerega * Nico Ehrenteit


Produced by:
Schuldenberg Films
Director: Ann Oren
Writers: Ann Oren & Thais Guisasola
Director of Photography: Carlos Vasquez
Editors: Ann Oren & Haim Tabakman
Editing Consultant: Benjamin Mirguet
Sound Concepr & Mix: Robert Hefter
Sound Design: Danilo Okulov
Production Design: Ilaria Di Carlo
Costume Design: Anna Philippa Müller
Music: Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha, äbvsd, VTSS
Producers: Kristof Gerega, Sophie Ahrens, Fabian Altenried

Funded by BKM (Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien)


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