Video, 8 mins, 2017.

NATURE SPEAKS TO SELF. ONLY. weaves excerpts from two consecutive lead roles by Keir Dullea, the American actor known for his portrayal of David Bowman, the astronaut in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). In the video, Dullea as astronaut gets to peek at himself in his following film role, as the title character of De Sade (1969). Superimposed using imbedded spaceship screens, the sequence is narrated by the later, with a short cameo by Hal 9000. From sophisticated Sci-Fi to period erotic drama, both films are noted for their psychedelic sensibilities and fit into the category of fantasy film.

If fantasy is the power of creating improbable mental images in response to a psychological need, then today’s many forms of virtual engagement – from social media and cybersex to virtual gaming – enable an individual to privately fulfill their desire while participating in a networked community. In NATURE SPEAKS TO SELF. ONLY., the two Keirs become entangled in a logic of pleasure and guilt, voyeurism and the performance of the self – much as it exists in today’s pervasive online consciousness.

The movie poster, edition of 50: