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PIAFFE  (in post-production)
86 mins, super 16mm film, 2022.

When her sibling Zara suffers a nervous breakdown, the introvert Eva is forced to take on Zara’s job as a Foley artist. She struggles to create sounds for a commercial featuring a horse, and then a horsetail starts growing out of her body. Empowered by her tail, she lures a botanist into an affair, through a game of submission. Piaffe is a visceral journey into control, gender, and artifice.

Produced by: Schuldenberg Films

Director: Ann Oren

Writers: Ann Oren & Thais Guisasola

Director of Photography: Carlos Vasquez

Editors: Ann Oren & Haim Tabakman

Editing Consultant: Benjamin Mirguet

Sound Concepr & Mix: Robert Hefter

Sound Design: Danilo Okulov

Production Design: Ilaria Di Carlo

Costume Design: Anna Philippa Müller

Music: Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha, äbvsd, VTSS

Producers: Kristof Gerega, Sophie Ahrens, Fabian Altenried

Simone Bucio

Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau

Sebastian Rudolph

Bjørn Melhus

Lea Draeger

Josef Ostendorf

Hannah Müller

Ruth Rosenfeld

Catherine Mayer

Kristof Gerega

Nico Ehrenteit

Funded by BKM (Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien)